#273 – Listener Email, Games

Back with a Friday Games episode.  We start off with Listener email, including a new mailbag jingle and a listener-suggested game to play.  Then we play a few rounds of Fantastic Four. Brian’s Top 50 Films of 2016 Can you solve these 10 Movie Puzzles?

#250 – Quarter K Celebration (w/ Luke, Mohsen & Josh C.)

Two Hundred and Fifty Episodes! To celebrate we invited some of our favorite frequent guests for a casual roundtable chat about what they’ve seen most recently, what they’ve seen that they the most passionate about (good or bad) and end it with a smorgasbord of theater experience stories before putting each other to the test in an extended series of increasingly intense movie games. Here’s to the next 250!

#218 – Games: Blank Man, Five Easy Pieces (w/ Kyle)

It’s games day and we bring back our guest Kyle and one of our newer games Blank Man, where we try to stump each other by knocking out all words in the plot description that aren’t in the 1000 most common English words.  You can play your own version by using this website.

#205 – Games: Fantastic Four, Movie Bluff (w/ Josh C.)

James and Zach challenge Josh to a round of the IMDB-based game Fantastic Four, this time with a new genre-twist, then Josh attempts to deceive the guys in a quick round of Movie Bluff. Also, click here to read Zach’s dissertation on Carly Rae Jepsen’s pop classic Call Me Maybe.

#203 – Games: Me Myself iRate, Jacob’s Ladder (w/ Jim Laczkowski)

Special guest Jim Laczkowski, host of The Director’s Club Podcast, challenge James and Zach to a round of the the long-running movie games Me Myself iRate and Jacob’s Ladder, then attempts to complete an impromptu attempt at the long-defunct movie-memory game Total Recall! You can hear more of Jim on his podcast The Director’s Club Podcast. You can also hear him on his spin-off podcast called The Pop Culture Club Podcast. And he’s the creator of the Now Playing Podcast Network. Follow Jim on Letterboxd and Twitter too!

#201 – Games: Memento, Unknown

James and Zach flip the script with a game of Memento, the test their knowledge of IMDB’s “known-for” algorithym with the new game Unknown. Also, have you seen our awesome Patreon pitch video? No?! WTH.

#198 – Games: I Have a Film Festival, Unknown

At listener request, Zach annoys James with another swipe at the frustrating movie-association riddler I Have a Film Festival, then the guys take a stab at a new IMDB-based game that puts the “Know For” section of the site to the test. Also, Patreon supporters heard this ep days ago, just sayin!

#196 – Games: Blankman, My Kid Could Paint That

Zach and James try out a new game called Blankman, in which they read the IMDB plots of films using only the 1,000 most commonly used words of the English language – then describe movie posters for your amusement in a round of My Kid Could Paint That. Also, don’t forget to check out our Patreon pitch video!

#111 – Games: Last Man Standing, Outta Time

Zach and James return to discuss why there were no shows last week, tease some upcoming episode topics, play Last Man Standing with the assistance of the new Cinereelist Movie Games iPhone app, and then close out the festivities with a round of the speed trivia game Outta Time.

#65 – Games: Me Myself & iRate, The Hustler

James and Zach play for pride in our new rating/memory game Me Myself & iRate, we learn a little-know personal tidbit about Zach, have an epic argument over how to rate movies on Letterboxd, and then roll the dice on quick couple of rounds of The Hustler. This is a fun one, a great entry episode into our Friday movie games tradition! Follow us on Letterboxd: James / Zach

#63 – Games: James Bond Trivia Special (w/ Scotty)

James Bond expert Scotty becomes the first-ever guest to take the Total Recall challenge, then he tests the series knowledge of Zach & James via a series of Bond-related trivia games – and then gets put to the test himself with a barrage of nearly impossible questions from Zach.

#57 – Games: Outta Time, The Hustler

Zach and James test the speed of their respective movie memories in a challenging round of Outta Time, then all bets are off in the inaugural round of their new game The Hustler (game title open for suggestions).

#47 – Games: Outta Time, Sophie’s Choice

Zach and James play two brand new games: Outta Time and Sophie’s Choice. In Outta Time the guys race against the clock to get as many trivia questions as they can in two 5 minute rounds – and in Sophie’s Choice they go head-to-head in a strictly binary competition!

#39 – Games: Plot Holes, 28 Words Later (w/ Keane)

It’s been too long since we’ve had a guest on the show to play some movie games, so we rectified that this week by bringing Keane back to play some games, including the new game, Plot Holes. A quick rundown on how the game works: someone thinks of a movie, the next person has to come up with another movie that shares some similar plot element. The person after that has to come up with another movie that shares a different plot element with the most recently-named film. And so on. See how we did in episode #39…

#12 – Games: 28 Words Later

In this episode we rename our new Friday Fun show to Freaky Friday, Zach gives it the old Junior College try at memorizing the films of Alfred Hitchcock, and we play a middling game of 28 Words Later (formerly 30 Words).