#273 – Listener Email, Games

Back with a Friday Games episode.  We start off with Listener email, including a new mailbag jingle and a listener-suggested game to play.  Then we play a few rounds of Fantastic Four. Brian’s Top 50 Films of 2016 Can you solve these 10 Movie Puzzles?

#250 – Quarter K Celebration (w/ Luke, Mohsen & Josh C.)

Two Hundred and Fifty Episodes! To celebrate we invited some of our favorite frequent guests for a casual roundtable chat about what they’ve seen most recently, what they’ve seen that they the most passionate about (good or bad) and end it with a smorgasbord of theater experience stories before putting each other to the test in an extended series of increasingly intense movie games. Here’s to the next 250!

#218 – Games: Blank Man, Five Easy Pieces (w/ Kyle)

It’s games day and we bring back our guest Kyle and one of our newer games Blank Man, where we try to stump each other by knocking out all words in the plot description that aren’t in the 1000 most common English words.  You can play your own version by using this website.

#205 – Games: Fantastic Four, Movie Bluff (w/ Josh C.)

James and Zach challenge Josh to a round of the IMDB-based game Fantastic Four, this time with a new genre-twist, then Josh attempts to deceive the guys in a quick round of Movie Bluff. Also, click here to read Zach’s dissertation on Carly Rae Jepsen’s pop classic Call Me Maybe.