#203 – Games: Me Myself iRate, Jacob’s Ladder (w/ Jim Laczkowski)

Special guest Jim Laczkowski, host of The Director’s Club Podcast, challenge James and Zach to a round of the the long-running movie games Me Myself iRate and Jacob’s Ladder, then attempts to complete an impromptu attempt at the long-defunct movie-memory game Total Recall! You can hear more of Jim on his podcast The Director’s Club Podcast. You can also hear him on his spin-off podcast called The Pop Culture Club Podcast. And he’s the creator of the Now Playing Podcast Network. Follow Jim on Letterboxd and Twitter too!

#201 – Games: Memento, Unknown

James and Zach flip the script with a game of Memento, the test their knowledge of IMDB’s “known-for” algorithym with the new game Unknown. Also, have you seen our awesome Patreon pitch video? No?! WTH.

#198 – Games: I Have a Film Festival, Unknown

At listener request, Zach annoys James with another swipe at the frustrating movie-association riddler I Have a Film Festival, then the guys take a stab at a new IMDB-based game that puts the “Know For” section of the site to the test. Also, Patreon supporters heard this ep days ago, just sayin!

#196 – Games: Blankman, My Kid Could Paint That

Zach and James try out a new game called Blankman, in which they read the IMDB plots of films using only the 1,000 most commonly used words of the English language – then describe movie posters for your amusement in a round of My Kid Could Paint That. Also, don’t forget to check out our Patreon pitch video!