#281 – Top 10 Last 10

James and Zach rank and discuss the last 10 movies they’ve seen regardless of genre, year of release, or any other conceivable grouping criteria…

#275 – Top 10 “So Bad They’re Good” Movies (w/ Victoria and Dan)

Victoria and Dan are long-time listeners visiting Florida on holiday from London, so we had them on the show to talk about their Top 10 Favorite “So Bad They’re Good” Movies.  Honestly, if you haven’t seen any of these movies, do yourself a favor and check them out.  They really are fun watches despite being terrible, terrible movies.

#268 – Beauty and the Beast, Top 10 Princess Movies (w/ Hannah)

Disney has released it’s latest live-action remake of a beloved animated classic and this one is taking the box office by storm. Special guest Hannah joins us on the show to discuss the film and find out how it stacks against the original.  Then we each count down our Top 10 favorite movies with a princess in them.

#261 – The Founder, Top 10 Biopics

We discuss The Founder, a movie about Ray Croc and the founding of McDonald’s, then count down each of our favorite biopics, all while playing a ridiculous game that we’re not even sure who won.  Enjoy!

#258 – The 2016 Movie Hangover

Zach and James go deep into the year that was 2016 with listener favorites, loads of alternative year-end lists from the guys, NEW New Year movie resolutions, and an overview of what to expect in cinemas in 2017. Warning: This episode holds the NEW world record for the most movie lists contained in a single podcast. Probably. Special thanks to our Patreon Supporters who helped us finally get new recording gear – Specifically thanks to Matt, Mindy, Scott, Ryan, Scotty, Roger, Botond, Adem, Justin, Micheal, Catarina, Miran, Mathew, Thomas, and Andrew!

#257 – Top 20 of 2016

James and Zach count down their 20 favorite movies of 2016, as well as their greatest disappointments, films they regret not having seen before making their list, and more.

#241 – Top 10 Last 10 (w/ Troy)

James is joined by long-time by guest co-host and long-time listener Troy Carruthers to rundown their own personal Top 10 Last 10 lists, which is a ranking of the last 10 movies they’ve seen from worst to best.

#238 – Last 10 Top 10 (w/ Paul)

James is joined by International guest co-host Paul from The Countdown Podcast as the guys discuss and rank the last 10 movies they watched, including a handful of docs, a horrendously boring 70’s boxing movie, and a South Korean zombie/train disaster thriller!

#233 – Don’t Think Twice (w/ Luke)

Luke came on the show and filled James’ very large shoes to help co-host a discussion with Zach on Mike Birbiglia’s latest film, Don’t Think Twice.  Then we talk a little bit about improv and the desire to create, and run down our top five lists, Luke’s Top 5 Movies that have a fictional version of a clearly real thing, and my Top 5 Movies about Comedians.

#231 – Top 10 Forgotten Films of 1996 (w/ Listener Megan)

We continue to work our way through the 1990s by listing off our Top 10 Forgotten Films of 1996.  We tried to pick movies that we think are definitely worth a watch, yet no one is really talking about them any more.  We are joined by longtime listener Megan who brings a top ten list of her own.  Fun fact: Megan and Zach actually used to do a podcast of their own 7 years ago!  It’s no longer available on iTunes, but you can hear the first three episodes of the Yes We Would podcast by becoming a Patreon subscriber.

#230 – Last 10 Top 10

It’s time again for another Last 10 Top 10 list, and so James and Zach run through the last ten movies they have each seen and rank them against each other.

#228 – Top 5 Litmus Test Films (w/ Andrew James)

We are happy to be joined this week by Andrew James, co-host of Row3’s Cinecast Podcast. We discuss our Top 5 Litmus Test films…these are movies that are not necessarily your absolute favorites, but movies that are so great to you that you simply cannot understand or relate to anyone that doesn’t enjoy/like this movie. It’s a fun episode and we think you’ll like it. Be sure to send us your Litmus Test films as well!

#227 – Last 10 Top 10

Zach and James are back once again with yet another Last 10 Top 10 in which they rank and discuss the last ten movies each of them have seen including a listener-recommended anime classic, a modern Norwegian disaster movie, and a nazi punk siege film!