#277 – Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, Last 10 Top 10 (w/ Evily)

While James is still in England, we had a special guest help co-host the show with me this week!  Evily, who was last on to talk about Dr. Strange, came back and discussed Marvel’s latest, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.  We begin the show with a spoiler-free discussion, then cut to a pre-recorded message from James about the film (again, without spoilers), and come back to have a spoiler-filled chat about the film.  Finally, we end with our own Last 10 Top 10 lists.

#275 – Top 10 “So Bad They’re Good” Movies (w/ Victoria and Dan)

Victoria and Dan are long-time listeners visiting Florida on holiday from London, so we had them on the show to talk about their Top 10 Favorite “So Bad They’re Good” Movies.  Honestly, if you haven’t seen any of these movies, do yourself a favor and check them out.  They really are fun watches despite being terrible, terrible movies.

#274 – Colossal, Anne Hathaway’s Filmography

We caught a screening at the Florida Film Festival for Nacho Vigalondo’s Colossal this weekend, so we discuss this genre-twisting sci-fi comedy drama (spoilers saved til after the closing song).  Then we go through Anne Hathaway’s filmography. 

#272 – Bokeh, The Discovery

We talk about two new sci-fi movies on VOD today.  Bokeh tells the story of a young couple on vacation in Iceland who wake up to find everyone else has disappeared, and The Discovery has Jason Segel and Robert Redford coming to terms with discovering a proof of the afterlife.  We saved spoilers until the end so feel free to listen until the end music even if you haven’t seen them yet.

#268 – Beauty and the Beast, Top 10 Princess Movies (w/ Hannah)

Disney has released it’s latest live-action remake of a beloved animated classic and this one is taking the box office by storm. Special guest Hannah joins us on the show to discuss the film and find out how it stacks against the original.  Then we each count down our Top 10 favorite movies with a princess in them.

#261 – The Founder, Top 10 Biopics

We discuss The Founder, a movie about Ray Croc and the founding of McDonald’s, then count down each of our favorite biopics, all while playing a ridiculous game that we’re not even sure who won.  Enjoy!

#259 – Havana, Oscar Nominations, Hidden Figures, Patriots Day

Zach and James are back from a short trip to Havana to bring you our Academy Award picks (hint: La La La La La Land), then discuss two current films, Hidden Figures and Patriots Day. If you want to see pictures from our trip, you can see them here. Have a film suggestion you think we’ve never seen and want us to discuss on the show? Send your pick to heyguys@cinereelists.com and one of us WILL watch it and discuss it on a future next show… or send a comment, suggestion or criticism and we’ll discuss that as well!

#250 – Quarter K Celebration (w/ Luke, Mohsen & Josh C.)

Two Hundred and Fifty Episodes! To celebrate we invited some of our favorite frequent guests for a casual roundtable chat about what they’ve seen most recently, what they’ve seen that they the most passionate about (good or bad) and end it with a smorgasbord of theater experience stories before putting each other to the test in an extended series of increasingly intense movie games. Here’s to the next 250!

#244 – Doctor Strange, Top 10 Favorite MCU Characters (w/ Evily)

Now the latest in the chain of Marvel juggernauts to take the box office by storm, we have a low-key discussion of Doctor Strange, a stark difference from the other, “more grounded” MCU movies that usually carry the banner.  We’re joined by special guest Evily, who was quick to profess her extreme love for Marvel.  We follow that up with a list of our favorite Marvel Cinematic Universe character performances.

#233 – Don’t Think Twice (w/ Luke)

Luke came on the show and filled James’ very large shoes to help co-host a discussion with Zach on Mike Birbiglia’s latest film, Don’t Think Twice.  Then we talk a little bit about improv and the desire to create, and run down our top five lists, Luke’s Top 5 Movies that have a fictional version of a clearly real thing, and my Top 5 Movies about Comedians.

#221 – Ghostbusters (w/ Zach)

Joining us for the show today is none other than James’ son Zach!  See if things get confusing figuring out who is Zach A and Zach B as we discuss the female-led Ghostbusters.

#214 – The Shallows, Listener Email

We skipped our normal games episode this Friday to talk about the new Blake Lively shark attack flick The Shallows, as well as read listener email. Along the way, we also checked-in on the state of the IMDb Top 250, and introduced the new Cinereelists Fantasy Movie League! If you want compete in the Cinereelists league, you can follow the link here and sign up to compete each week for box office glory.

#210 – Last 10 Top 10

Zach and James rank and discuss the last ten movies each of them have seen including a comedy about a kidnapped cat, a riveting British war movie, lots of listener suggestions and more! Plus, there’s an entire additional Last 10 Top 10 episode available now to Patreon supporters! Click here to grab it and help support the show!

#204 – Jungle Book, Captain America: Civil War (w/ Josh C.)

Josh C. joins Zach and James to discuss the new Jungle Book live-action remake, then fight to the death over the details of Captain America: Civil War. Ok maybe that’s an exaggeration – but maybe it isn’t. Maybe someone died during the recording of this podcast. Silly rabbit, nobody dies in Marvel films! Oh yea, also – SPOILERS.

#202 – Midnight Special, High-Rise (w/ Jim Laczkowski)

James and Zach discuss two movies today with the help of special guest Jim Laczkowski, host of The Director’s Club Podcast. First we praise the 2016 Sci-Fi drama Midnight Special, then we gripe about the surrealist thriller High-Rise. Don’t worry if you haven’t seen the films yet. We have split off any spoilers into sections of the show with clear warnings beforehand. You can hear more of Jim on his podcast The Director’s Club Podcast. You can also hear him on his spin-off podcast called The Pop Culture Club Podcast. And he’s the creator of the Now Playing Podcast Network….

#197 – Sing Street, Listener Email

James and Zach discuss the new coming-of-age music-centric feel-good flick Sing Street by the director of Once, Zach’s 4th favorite film of all time. Also, Patreon supporters are already listening to the next two episodes, are you? 🙂

#175 – Top 20 of 2015

Zach and James count down their 20 favorite movies of 2015, as well as some other goodies like Greatest Disappointments, Movie Regrets, and more.

#166 – Room, Top 10 Movies Set in One Room

Zach and James spend some time in a room discussing the excellent new drama Room, then rank their top films that are primarily set in one room. It’s a very room-centric episode, if you must know. Initial chat is spoiler-free, jump to 48:42 when prompted if you want to keep yourself clean for the film, which we recommend.

#93 – The Great Star Wars Experiment, Caddyshack (w/ Dave C.)

Our good friend and Caddyshack expert Dave had never seen a Star Wars movie, despite having been about 14 years old when the original film was released in 1977. We asked him to chat with us about the film, watch the film for the very first time (non-special edition, of course), and then chat with us again. Also, we talk lots of Caddyshack.

#79 – Interstellar, Top 9 Christopher Nolan Films (w/ Mohsen)

James and Zach are joined by special-guest and Batman expert Mohsen as they discuss the intricacies of Christopher Nolan’s new space-epic Interstellar, rank the films of the famed director, and then play a surprise movie game. And don’t forget to stick around after the closing music for our Interstellar spoiler discussion!

#73 – The Rover, The One I Love, Coherence (w/ Josh & Valery)

Zach and James are joined by special-guests Josh & Valery as they play a round of “You Name It, We Watch It” in which three of us picked a movie, we all watched all three of them – and then we talked about them. Films discussed include post-collapse Australian film The Rover, the twisty romantic comedy The One I Love, and the equally twisty mumble-core sci-fi flick Coherence. Spoilers abound so tread lightly! Follow Josh: Twitter   Subscribe: iTunes / RSS

#68 – Don’t Look Back (w/ Director William Dickerson)

Zach and James welcome special-guest William Dickerson, director of the new suspense-thriller Don’t Look Back, to the show. The guys discuss the making of William’s new film, working with wrestling legend Rowdy Roddy Piper, his first two films, a few of his favorite directors and much more!

#62 – James Bond Special (w/ Scotty)

James Bond connoisseur and special-guest Scotty walks through his experience watching every entry of the legendary spy-series as he and the guys drinks martinis and discuss the 6 seminal Bond films he hand-picked for them to watch.

#34 – Edge of Tomorrow

James & Zach discuss at length the upcoming sci-fi/time-travel’ish thriller mashup Edge of Tomorrow in both spoiler-free and spoiler flavors, then quickly rank the films (that we’ve seen) of ‘Tomorrow’ director Doug Liman.

#20 – Transcendence

Zach and James take on the new Wally Pfister sci-fi flick Transcendence (Executive Produced by Christopher Nolan). Will it live up to expectations?

#17 – Noah, Movie Trailers

Join James and Zach as they discuss the new Bible-actioner Noah, discuss the family of trailers that played before the film, and speed-rank the films of Darren Aronofsky.

#6 – Robocop, Top 6 Robot Movies

In this episode we reboot the discussion on the new Robocop remake, test Zach’s ability to remember the filmography of the Coen Bros, run down a list of our favorite films that feature at least one robot, and close out with another sobering game of 30 Words!

#1 – IMDB Top 250 & Her

Welcome to the very first episode of Cinereelists! If you love movies in unhealthy ways then this is the podcast for you! Join Zach and James and as many guests as they can schedule as they discuss movies, movie obsessiveness, and movie lists.