#57 – Games: Outta Time, The Hustler

Zach and James test the speed of their respective movie memories in a challenging round of Outta Time, then all bets are off in the inaugural round of their new game The Hustler (game title open for suggestions).

#50 – Jarrett Heather (Director of “Word Crimes” by Weird Al Yankovic), Top 5 Computer Villains

Everybody shut up! … while Zach and James interview Jarret Heather, director of parody-legend Weird Al Yankovic’s music video “Word Crimes”. Discussion includes how Jarrett came to work with Mr. Yankovic, the process behind creating the kinetic-typography-based video, Jarrett’s love of Tron and direct connection to 2010’s Tron Legacy, and we round out the show with a quick list of the Top 5 Movie Computer Villains. Go buy Weird Al’s new album Mandatory Fun – it’s current #1 on the Top 200 Billboard chart! Follow Jarret Heather: Website – Twitter Subscribe: iTunes / RSS

#48 – Top 10 Last 10

James and Zach rank the last 10 films they’ve seen including a bunch of documentaries, a film from the early 1900’s, more documentaries, a thriller that involves piano playing starring Elijah Wood, and an Australian genre classic from 1984…

#47 – Games: Outta Time, Sophie’s Choice

Zach and James play two brand new games: Outta Time and Sophie’s Choice. In Outta Time the guys race against the clock to get as many trivia questions as they can in two 5 minute rounds – and in Sophie’s Choice they go head-to-head in a strictly binary competition!

#44 – Top 10 Last 10

James and Zach rank the last 10 films they’ve seen, including a bunch of new-releases, several films from the 1930’s, a Joe Dante classic, and a Jean-Luc Godard rarity…

#39 – Games: Plot Holes, 28 Words Later (w/ Keane)

It’s been too long since we’ve had a guest on the show to play some movie games, so we rectified that this week by bringing Keane back to play some games, including the new game, Plot Holes. A quick rundown on how the game works: someone thinks of a movie, the next person has to come up with another movie that shares some similar plot element. The person after that has to come up with another movie that shares a different plot element with the most recently-named film. And so on. See how we did in episode #39…

#38 – Top 5 Coolest Movie Gadgets (w/ Keane)

Zach and James are joined by special guest Keane as the Cinereelists attempt to define what exactly a movie “gadget” is, then run through their Top 5 Coolest Movie Gadgets. Much arguing and more than a few surprises to be had in this one!