The Cinereelists is a twice-weekly podcast focused on film, lists of films, games tangentially associated to films, and anything else film-related that we decide to throw into the mix over time.


Zach was born in California, the youngest of four kids, but grew up mostly in Madison, Wisconsin. Working as a DJ for his college’s radio station and interning at the local NBC affiliate, Zach graduated with a major in Media Communications from Wheaton College in Illinois. After college, he moved to Orlando and began working as the Media Specialist for a private K-12 school, as well as teaching Digital Video Production to middle and high school students.

Zach now handles production for an Orlando-based advertising agency, shooting and editing on projects for television. Besides production, Zach also spends his time as a freelance photographer, as well as an amateur film-maker, and has had his short films screened at several local film festivals.

Outside of work, Zach loves movies and traveling. He’s been to 15 countries, including Australia, Colombia, Peru, and backpacking across Europe, and has many more places on his list for the future.

Interesting fact about Zach: He has seen every movie on the AFI Top 100 Greatest Movies list, as well as all 250 from the IMDB Top 250

Favorite movies: Braveheart, Good Will Hunting and Disney’s Robin Hood.

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James was born in Normal, Illinois but was raised near the beaches of Southern California. Moving to Orlando in 1992, he participated in individual sports and academic competitions, and enjoyed creative classes such as video production and art theory while he was in high school. Graduating in 2001 from Full Sail with a degree in Digital Arts, James now has nearly a decade of experience in digitally-based design, including web design, programming and maintenance.

James has worked for clients like WWE, The State of Florida’s Governor’s Office, and the highest volume Toyota dealer in the Southeast. He also frequently works offline, creating things such as full brand identities (logo, print materials, etc.), ride films, ride concepts, live corporate presentations, government simulations, and much more.

In his free time James enjoys spending time with his son, keeping his pulse on Internet trends and culture, smart phones and gadgets, finding and evangelizing interesting movies, charitable volunteering, and launching creative personal projects.

Interesting Fact About James: He can kick-flip a skateboard.

Favorite Meal: Burritos from Chipolte

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