#621 – Top 10 Movies That Start With the Letter B

The guys continue their new 26-part series as they run down their favorite films that start with the very second letter of the English-language alphabet. Why? You tell us. Join our OSCAR PICKS group: https://oscarpicks.app/join-group/cinereelists/2568fb16/

#618 – The 2023 Movie Hangover

So many lists! Kyle, James and Zach bid 2023 adieu with a plethora of alternative year-end lists, NEW New Year movie resolutions, and an overview of what to expect in cinemas in 2024. This episode has more movie lists than any other podcast episode on the planet – guaranteed! Special thanks to our Patreon Supporters – Specifically thanks to Marcos, Mansouri, Marco, Logan, Josh, Troy, Allan, Victoria, Scotty, Justin, Ryan, Scott, and Roger!

#617 – Top 20 Films of 2023

In celebration of 10 years of podcasting – the guys count down their 20 favorite movies of 2023, as well as their greatest disappointments, films they regret not having seen before making their lists, and much more.