#93 – The Great Star Wars Experiment, Caddyshack (w/ Dave C.)

Our good friend and Caddyshack expert Dave had never seen a Star Wars movie, despite having been about 14 years old when the original film was released in 1977. We asked him to chat with us about the film, watch the film for the very first time (non-special edition, of course), and then chat with us again. Also, we talk lots of Caddyshack.

#79 – Interstellar, Top 9 Christopher Nolan Films (w/ Mohsen)

James and Zach are joined by special-guest and Batman expert Mohsen as they discuss the intricacies of Christopher Nolan’s new space-epic Interstellar, rank the films of the famed director, and then play a surprise movie game. And don’t forget to stick around after the closing music for our Interstellar spoiler discussion!

#73 – The Rover, The One I Love, Coherence (w/ Josh & Valery)

Zach and James are joined by special-guests Josh & Valery as they play a round of “You Name It, We Watch It” in which three of us picked a movie, we all watched all three of them – and then we talked about them. Films discussed include post-collapse Australian film The Rover, the twisty romantic comedy The One I Love, and the equally twisty mumble-core sci-fi flick Coherence. Spoilers abound so tread lightly! Follow Josh: Twitter   Subscribe: iTunes / RSS

#68 – Don’t Look Back (w/ Director William Dickerson)

Zach and James welcome special-guest William Dickerson, director of the new suspense-thriller Don’t Look Back, to the show. The guys discuss the making of William’s new film, working with wrestling legend Rowdy Roddy Piper, his first two films, a few of his favorite directors and much more!

#62 – James Bond Special (w/ Scotty)

James Bond connoisseur and special-guest Scotty walks through his experience watching every entry of the legendary spy-series as he and the guys drinks martinis and discuss the 6 seminal Bond films he hand-picked for them to watch.

#34 – Edge of Tomorrow

James & Zach discuss at length the upcoming sci-fi/time-travel’ish thriller mashup Edge of Tomorrow in both spoiler-free and spoiler flavors, then quickly rank the films (that we’ve seen) of ‘Tomorrow’ director Doug Liman.