We talk about The Disaster Artist, the new James Franco film based on the origins of the infamously-bad film “The Room.” Then we count down our top 10 Worst Acting Performances.

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  1. Johnny Depp in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
  2. Mickey Rooney in Breakfast in Tiffany’s
  3. Nicholas Cage in Things
  4. Acting in Gran Torino
  5. Fateful Findings
  6. Keanu Reeves in Dracula
  7. Hayden Christensen in Prequels
  8. Cate Blanchett in Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
  9. Tobey Maguire in Things
  10. Ryan O’Neal in Barry Lyndon


10) Leonardo DiCaprio as Danny Archer in Blood Diamond (2006) – Bad South African accent
09) Lucas Cruikshank as Fred in Fred: The Movie (2010)
08) Bob Hoskins and John Leguizamo in Super Mario Bros. (1993)
07) Marlon Brando in as Dr. Moreau in The Island of Dr. Moreau (1996)
06) George Clooney as Batman/Bruce Wayne in Batman & Robin (1997)
05) Sylvester Stallone as Kit Latura in Daylight (1996)  – Breath scene
04) Tom Hanks as Robbie Wheeling in Mazes and Monsters (1982) – I have spells
03) Keanu Reeves as Johnny Utah in Point Break (1991) – Surfing
02) Nicolas Cage as Peter Loew in Vampire’s Kiss (1989) – Misfiled rant
01) Robert Downey Jr as Jerry in Hail Caesar (1994) – Do you have any idea

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