James and Zach dive deep into the world of artificial intelligence with Alex Garland’s new sci-fi thinker Ex Machina, then the guys review a spate of listener email.


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  1. Matthias

    Thanks for mentioning my mail on your show. Really appreciate it. Just call me “Matt”, easier this way.
    About No. 10: In English it’s like “F… you, Goethe” the German author who wrote “Faust”.
    About No. 3: You should check out “Soul Kitchen”, totally enjoyable. Even better: Akin’s “Gegen die Wand” aka “Head-On” in English, the best German film of the last twenty years. So great, if you guys have seen “Game of Thrones”, you might recognize Sibel Kikelli who plays Shea. She is SOOOOO great in this one.

    And also: Watch the one Supernatural episode, really easy to get into, it even got an overarching story PLUS it makes fun of procedural crime shows. Really enjoyable episode, you will laugh constantly, guarenteed.

    Again: Thanks guys!!

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