James is joined by special-guests Matt and Luke to discuss the new Marvel-universe action comedy Ant Man, then the guys try out a new segment called No/Meh/Yes.

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  1. Whit

    I am new to your podcast and am enjoying it very much! I really like the “Last 10 Top 10” episodes as I am a big fan of lists. I did not get to see “Ant-Man” yet, but will soon with a listen to this episode coming immediately afterward. By the way, thanks for the recommendation of “Cold In July”. I watched it last night and really liked it…I’d say an “8” out of “10” from Me. I’m “whitsbrain” on Letterboxd.

  2. Bananaoomarang

    Ah! Finally someone with a sane opinion of Up! I don’t understand the hype around that film, so much of it is so lame.

    Keep up the good work 😛

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