James and Zach rank the last 10 movies they’ve seen including the new release N.W.A biopic, a Russian single take film, the requisite handful of documentaries, and much more.



  1. Straight Outta Compton
  2. Wolfpack (Doc)
  3. Bicycle Thieves
  4. Don’t Look Now
  5. Manglehorn
  6. Snowball Effect: The Story of Clerks (Doc)
  7. I Am Here (aka The 11th Hour)
  8. Pitch Perfect 2
  9. Affliction
  10. Wolfen


  1. Russian Ark
  2. Cold in July
  3. Babette’s Feast
  4. Sleeping Beauty
  5. An Honest Liar (Doc)
  6. Heaven Can Wait
  7. The Greatest Show on Earth
  8. Celeste & Jesse Forever
  9. Secretariat
  10. 48 Hrs.

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