Zach and James test their nerves while watching 10 horror films (5 each hand picked by the other) then discuss and rank them in ascending order… Boo!

HitFix’s Top 100 Horror Movies of All Time (as a Letterboxd List)



  1. Repulsion
  2. Paranormal Activity 3
  3. 30 Days of Night
  4. Rosemary’s Baby
  5. The Monster Squad
  6. Les Diabolique
  7. Interview With a Vampire
  8. Wait Until Dark
  9. Ginger Snaps
  10. The Langoliers


  1. Wait Until Dark
  2. Les Diabolique
  3. Ginger Snaps
  4. 30 Days of Night
  5. Repulsion
  6. Interview with the Vampire
  7. The Langoliers
  8. The Monster Squad
  9. Rosemary’s Baby
  10. Paranormal Activity 3


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