Zach and James rank and discuss the last ten movies each of them have seen including a comedy about a kidnapped cat, a riveting British war movie, lots of listener suggestions and more! Plus, there’s an entire additional Last 10 Top 10 episode available now to Patreon supporters! Click here to grab it and help support the show!



  1. Rififi
  2. Kajaki (sugg by Scott McHarg)
  3. What Richard Did
  4. Black Balloon (sugg by Josh Sale)
  5. Something in the Air
  6. All the Way
  7. Cub (sugg by Bart De Duytsche)
  8. Ghostwatch (sugg by Andrew James of RowThree Cinecast)
  9. Thelma & Louise
  10. The Brothers Grimsby


  1. Children of Heaven
  2. Keanu
  3. Ladyhawke
  4. The umbrellas of Cherboug
  5. The End of the Tour
  6. Excalibur
  7. 10 Cloverfield Lane
  8. The Assassin
  9. Mr. Right
  10. Paddington

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Have a film suggestion you think we’ve never seen and want us to discuss on the show? Send your pick to and one of us WILL watch it and discuss it on a future next show… or send a comment, suggestion, or correction!


  1. Whit

    I heard James recommend “Ghostwatch” as one of his Top 10 Last 10 entries. I’ve got a recommendation for you called “Without Warning”. It’s a 1994 faux newscast that I think you’ll enjoy. Here’s a link to my review on Letterboxd:

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