Zach and James are joined by special guest Keane as the Cinereelists attempt to define what exactly a movie “gadget” is, then run through their Top 5 Coolest Movie Gadgets. Much arguing and more than a few surprises to be had in this one!



  1. Hoverboard from Back to the Future
  2. Batman’s Utility Belt
  3. The Neuralizer from Men In Black
  4. That handheld thing that melts through cars & concrete in Captain America: Winter Soldier
  5. The Hot Tub Time Machine


  1. Coming Soon


  1. Coming Soon

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  1. Sophia

    James Cameron’s movies have never been about the story. Aliens: Humans trying to survive horrifying monsters from beyond our solar system. Paper thin story, but well executed. Terminator: Outsider humans hunted from future deadly robot that looks like a human and, in part 2, could be anyone. Paper thin story, but well executed. Titanic: A movie about a ship that sank nearly 100 years ago and, ah, there’s some sort of quick booty call stuck in there in between. Not-even paper thin, but well executed. James Cameron stories have never and will never be about the stories. The Terminator “franchise” has fallen apart after Cameron stopped making them — because they were never about the story, there’s no where near enough story there, they were only good because Cameron is great on execution, great with special effects and great with making things appear polished. But let’s not suddenly start criticizing AVATAR before it’s out because the film’s plot seems rather thin — his movies have always had weak plots, he just makes them so well that no one bothers to notice.

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