Zach, James, and Kyle send the Jurassic Park franchise into extinction as they discuss Jurassic World Dominion (aka the very last film in the series), then the guys run down their favorite fictional movie corporations.

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  1. Weyland-Yutani (Alien)
  2. TraviCom (Congo)
  3. Buy-n-Large (Wall-E)
  4. Tyrell Corporation (Blade Runner)
  5. Zevo Toys (Toys)
  6. InGen (Jurassic Park)
  7. Eron keen STEM (Upgrade)
  8. Gattaca Aerospace Corporation (Gattaca)
  9. Consumer Recreation Services (The Game)
  10. Rekall (Total Recall)


  1. Weyland-Yutani (Alien)
  2. Omni Personal Products (RoboCop)
  3. Tyrell (BladeRunner)
  4. BiffCo (Back to the Future 2)
  5. Buy n Large (Wall-E)
  6. LecterCorp (Pootie Tang)
  7. Octan Corp (Lego Movie)
  8. Cyberdyne (Terminator)
  9. InGen (Jurassic Park)
  10. Hadden Industries (Contact)


  1. Encom (Tron)
  2. InGen (Jurassic Park)
  3. Cyberdyne/Skynet (Terminator)
  4. Monsters, Inc. (Monsters, Inc.)
  5. Stark Industries (Iron Man)
  6. Initech (Office Space)
  7. Paper Street Soap Co. (Fight Club)
  8. Lunar Industries (Moon)
  9. Tyrell Corporation (Blade Runner)
  10. BiffCo Enterprises (Back to the Future II)

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