Special-guest Luke joins Zach and James as they rank the last 10 films they have seen in order of preference. Films mentioned include a gang of horror-comedies, six listener recommendations, and one of us watches ¡Three Amigos! for the first time. Plus, Zach makes a personal revelation related to Christina Aguilera’s hit song Genie In a Bottle!



  1. A Fantastic Fear of Everything
  2. Fun Size
  3. The World’s End
  4. Bad Words / Snowpiercer
  5. They Came Together
  6. Killer Joe
  7. Tucker & Dale vs. Evil
  8. World’s Greatest Dad
  9. Snitch
  10. Nymphomaniac: Volume I


  1. The Drop (2014)
  2. Honeymoon (2014)
  3. Electric Dreams (1984)
  4. Message in a Bottle (1999)
  5. Tusk (2014)
  6. Water (2005)
  7. Uncertainty (2008)
  8. Pirates (1986)
  9. The Switch (2010)
  10. Malevolence (2003)


  1. The One I Love
  2. ¡Three Amigos!
  3. X-Men: Days of Future Past
  4. Law Abiding Citizen
  5. I Know Where I’m Going!
  6. Draft Day
  7. Uncertainty
  8. The Break
  9. The Burbs
  10. Black Orpheus

The link to that list of classic film recommendations that Zach shared with James a long time ago that we mentioned in this episode.

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