James and Zach challenge each other to a fast-paced game of the fast-paced movie trivia game Outta Time, then lie their butts off in a quick round of Movie Bluff.


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  1. Troy Carruthers

    Movie quotes are one of my favourite things, and I also love quotes in general. There were two quotes from podcast #76 that I laughed out loud at:

    1. (During Movie Bluff game) Zach: “What was Keanu Reeves doing?” James: (starts thought with) “I think Julianne Moore…”

    2. James: “Could you quote the entire script of Robin Hood verbatim?” Zach: “That would be a worthwhile exercise.” Only true Cinereelists would understand this sentiment. And I do. I used to be able to do this with Dumb and Dumber and at one point in my life, A Little Princess (Shirley Temple). I know that’s a crazy combo but it’s true.

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