James and Zach discuss two well-reviewed dramas in Whiplash and Birdman, then run down their Top 5 Single-Take Scenes.


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  1. Joshua

    When you guys were talking about Paul Thomas Anderson, if memory serves me correct theres a really gorgeous single take scene of characters being followed by the camera then the camera sort of latches on another character then joins up with the same. It’s simple but effective. But again, my memory isn’t great on this. It’s been a while since i’ve watched it.

  2. Josh

    Haven’t listened to the podcast yet, but you may be thinking of Magnolia. If memory serves, I can think of a scene near the end with William H. Macy walking back to store from which he was fired and the camera is following another one of the leads and then shifts over to him as they pass him on the street.

  3. Luke

    You forgot (or more likely have never seen) JCVD. That one has a great long shot, you have to check that out.

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