#168 – You Name It, We Watch It (w/ Superfan Mindy)

Zach and James rank 10 movies they’ve never seen that were recommended by special-guest Superfan Mindy who also watched and ranked 10 movies from each of the Cinereelist hosts. That’s right – we talk 40 movies in this episode – from mainstream crowd-pleasers, to critically-acclaimed masterpieces, to foreign arthouse flicks and a whole slew of romantic comedies – this episode is packed with something for everyone!

#166 – Room, Top 10 Movies Set in One Room

Zach and James spend some time in a room discussing the excellent new drama Room, then rank their top films that are primarily set in one room. It’s a very room-centric episode, if you must know. Initial chat is spoiler-free, jump to 48:42 when prompted if you want to keep yourself clean for the film, which we recommend.

#161 – Last 10 Top 10

Zach and James rank the last 10 movies they’ve seen including several listener recommendations, the latest and final Paranormal Activity film, a 90’s classic and a new release film with a 90’s throwback vibe, and much more.

#147 – Top 10 Forgotten Films of 1993

The year is 1993. Bill Clinton just became president, “Got Milk?” became a cultural touchstone, and Michael Jackson was just accused of engaging in sexual activities with a teenage boy. Also, some movies were released -some more memorable than others. These are the others.

#144 – Last 10 Top 10

James and Zach rank the last 10 movies they’ve seen including the new release N.W.A biopic, a Russian single take film, the requisite handful of documentaries, and much more.

#130 – Goonies Pinball, Top 5 Movie Pinball Tables (w/ Mike Johnson)

Zach and James are joined by Mike Johnson, Goonies expert and pinballer extraordinaire, who created his very own custom Goonies pinball table. The guys chat about the classic kid film, hear all about Mike’s pinball project, then run down their top 5 movies that were eventually made into a pinball table. Plus don’t miss the quick video below we made about Mike’s project…

#113 – Roger Ebert’s 46 Favorite Films (Part 2)

Roger Ebert released some variation of a “Top Films of the Year” list every year that he worked at The Chicago Sun Times. Join James and Zach in celebration of Ebert’s legacy as they run down each and every of his 46 top film picks from every year he worked as a film critic. This is part 2, check out part 1 for the first half of Ebert’s list!