#320 – MUTE (w/ Joe of Amazon Movie Reviews)

James is joined by Joe Grabinski of the hilarious twitter account “Amazon Movie Reviews” (@AmznMovieRevws) to discuss his insane viral success, his process in selecting the best of the worst in online movie reviews, and what the future holds for his beloved novelty account. Plus the guys discuss Moon director Duncan Jones’ latest sci-fi effort MUTE. Spoilers after the music!

#318 – Annihilation (w/ Robert)

James is joined by Movie-mashup editor Robert Jones to discuss his popular YouTube channel, the process he uses to create his videos, as well as the latest Alex Garland film Annihilation. Stick around for spoilers after the music!

#317 – Black Panther (w/ Paul)

James is joined by returning guest co-host Paul from the Countdown Podcast to discuss the new Marvel film Black Panther as well as quick-rank all 18 MCU films. Stick around for spoilers after the music!

#312 – The 2017 Movie Hangover

Zach and James go deep into the year that was 2017 with loads of alternative year-end lists from the guys, NEW New Year movie resolutions, and an overview of what to expect in cinemas in 2018. Special thanks to our Patreon Supporters – Specifically thanks to Matt, Mindy, Scott, Ryan, Victoria, Scott, Roger, Josh, Catarina, Allan, Botond, Justin, Matthew, Michael, Adem, Thomas, Andrew, and Troy!

#311 – Top 20 of 2017

James and Zach count down their 20 favorite movies of 2017, as well as their greatest disappointments, films they regret not having seen before making their list, and more.

#308 – Star Wars: The Last Jedi

It’s finally here: Episode VIII has arrived. Does it reach the heights of the original trilogy, or does it wallow in the depths of the prequels? Does it follow the predictable pattern of The Force Awakens, or does it forge a new path into uncharted space? Special-guest Kyle rejoins us to talk about the film, with lots of spoilers to go around because we really wanted to dive in deep. Also Kyle’s father checks in to share his experience from watching the original trilogy in theaters to now watching the latest installment. Sidenote: We had a heck of a time…

#306 – Lady Bird, Top 10 Movies From The Rotten Tomatoes Top 100 That Don’t Deserve To Be There

James and Zach discuss the new Greta Gerwig directed drama Lady Bird which is currently the most-reviewed film on Rotten Tomatoes to remain at 100%, then run down their top 10 films that don’t deserve to appear on the infamous review aggregator site’s Top 100 Movies of All Time list. If you’re interested in signing up for MoviePass, you can use our referral link here if you want. Follow Cinereelists: Facebook – Twitter James: Letterboxd – Twitter Zach: Letterboxd – Twitter Support the show on Patreon.   Subscribe: iTunes / RSS Have a film suggestion you think we’ve never seen…

#297 – Blade Runner 2049

Both of us rewatched the original Blade Runner and then the new Blade Runner 2049 and talk about it on the show today. Spoilers are all saved until after the end of the episode, so don’t worry if you haven’t seen it yet.