#84 – Top 10 Forgotten Films of 1992

The year is 1992. Tarantino has just directed his first feature Reservoir Dogs, the soundtrack to The Bodyguard is topping the music charts, and Unforgiven is up for major awards consideration. But forget about those classics as James and Zach dive deep into the year in an effort to bring to light a few gems amongst the many forgotten films from 1992.

#82 – Top 10 Last 10

James and Zach rank the last 10 film they’ve seen including a handful of classic gangster films, several on-demand genre flicks, a listener recommended comedy-horror movies from New Zealand and much more!

#79 – Interstellar, Top 9 Christopher Nolan Films (w/ Mohsen)

James and Zach are joined by special-guest and Batman expert Mohsen as they discuss the intricacies of Christopher Nolan’s new space-epic Interstellar, rank the films of the famed director, and then play a surprise movie game. And don’t forget to stick around after the closing music for our Interstellar spoiler discussion!

#77 – Top 10 Last 10

James and Zach rank the last 10 film they’ve seen including a handful of horror flicks both old and new, several films that are currently in theaters, a unique documentary trilogy and much more!

#38 – Top 5 Coolest Movie Gadgets (w/ Keane)

Zach and James are joined by special guest Keane as the Cinereelists attempt to define what exactly a movie “gadget” is, then run through their Top 5 Coolest Movie Gadgets. Much arguing and more than a few surprises to be had in this one!

#22 – Top 10 Forgotten Films of 1990

Join James and Zach as they sift through the first year of the 90’s search for one of the best Mel Gibson actioners, quirky Leslie Neilson parodies, rare animated mashup drug warnings, and other (generally) forgotten films from 1990!

#13 – Top 10 March Movies

In this episode we discuss the Top 10 Movies that were released in March and argue the merits of the Tom Hanks/Shelly Long comedy Money Pit, among other things.

#6 – Robocop, Top 6 Robot Movies

In this episode we reboot the discussion on the new Robocop remake, test Zach’s ability to remember the filmography of the Coen Bros, run down a list of our favorite films that feature at least one robot, and close out with another sobering game of 30 Words!

#2 – Top 10 Movies That Blew Our Minds

Welcome to the very second episode of Cinereelists! We go a bit long as we dive deep into two top 10 lists consisting of movies that blew our minds as well as ranks the last 10 films we’ve seen. Plus we solidify the rules of our first game 30 Words!