James and Zach are joined by superfan Nathan to run down his favorite episodes of the Steven Spielberg-produced mid-80s anthology TV series Amazing Stories. Episodes discussed in this podcast include…

  • The Main Attraction (S01E02)
  • Mummy, Daddy (S01E04)
  • Fine Tuning (S01E07)
  • Remote Control Man (S01E10)
  • Mirror, Mirror (S01E19)
  • Miscalculation (S02E02)
  • Welcome to My Nightmare (S02E04)
  • Go to the Head of the Class (S02E08)
  • The Pumpkin Competition (S02E10)
  • The 21 Inch Sun (S02E15)
  • The Family Dog (S02E16)



  1. The 21 Inch Sun
  2. The Pumpkin Competition
  3. Fine Tuning
  4. Remote Control Man
  5. The Main Attraction
  6. Go to the Head of the Class
  7. Miscalculation
  8. Mirror, Mirror
  9. Welcome to My Nightmare
  10. Mummy, Daddy
  11. The Family Dog


  1. The Main Attraction (S01E02), Matthew Robbins
  2. The 21 Inch Sun (S02E15), Nick Castle
  3. The Pumpkin Competition (S02E10), Norman Reynolds
  4. The Family Dog (S02E16), Brad Bird
  5. Remote Control Man (S01E10), Bob Clark
  6. Miscalculation (S02E02), Tom Holland
  7. Mirror, Mirror (S01E19), Martin Scorsese
  8. Mummy, Daddy (S01E04), William Dear
  9. Fine Tuning (S01E07), Bob Balaban
  10. Welcome to My Nightmare (S02E04), Todd Holland
  11. Go to the Head of the Class (S02E08), Robert Zemeckis

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